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Enigma Camp Program
Talent as a Services

Talent as a Services Program uses the Ready-to-Work model approach are specifically designed to address immediate shortages of technology talent... Read more

Enigma Camp Program
Training as a Services

Training as a Services Program are specifically designed to address specific needs of the company. We provide flexible curriculum from our predefined curriculum list... Read more

Profesional Trainers

Enigma Camp trainer are working professionals who average over 7 years of experience in Information Technology and industry practitioners. They are outstanding experts in their subject matter, but what truly sets them apart is that they are also expert instructors.

Every trainer undergoes intensive training to learn the best ways to present information, mentor, and create dynamic presentations that bring learning to life. Our talented trainers engage participants and pass their expertise on to them with practical, hands-on skills they can use right away to solve challenges theyโ€™ll face in the real world.


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