Image Hiring & Admission The hiring process of the training participants was carried out in 3 ways, namely in collaboration with several universities that have program study of software engineering, through Top Karir, Online Job Portal and other references. The ENIGMA CAMP has a very rigorous admission process. In general, the admission process of training participants in ENIGMA CAMP follows 3 steps:



Prospective trainee complete an application form with basic information that includes explaining their motivation for applying and professional aspirations.


Selected applicants are invited for an interview to further assess motivation, discipline, soft skills, and their career objectives. These interviews always happen face to face.


Applicants then take a logic test (Brain Teaser) and a programming challenge through Live Code Session. This step serves two purposes: On the one hand, it allows the ENIGMA CAMP to determine the profile and technical learning propensity of applicants. On the other hand, it works as a self assess ment for applicants to determine if programming is really for them.

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