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Founded in 2017, ENIGMA CAMP was originally one of the lines of business of PT. Square Techno Indonesia (STI) until year 2019 spin off into a new company, PT. Enigma Cipta Humanika.

ENIGMA CAMP specializes in the business of IT Bootcamp and IT Talent Management. We have been specializing in this business since last three years and our client list includes the well-known enterprises. We are driven by experiences that build software engineer to support your busi- ness with 3 major programs, i.e. : Talent as a Services, Training as a Services and Experienced Hire.


ENIGMA CAMP uses the Ready-to-Work model approach are specifically designed to address immediate shortages of technology talent. We provide people with the full set of skills needed to qualify for a junior developer and SQA level position, either working for a company or as outsourced employee. Our intense training programs will be given in full time, 6 days in a week, with the duration of training between 8 to 12 weeks. Given the employment-readiness focus of our intensif training programmes, the admission process tends to be very selective and during the training period, the participants will stay at the house of ENIGMA CAMP that we provide for free including training tools, notebook, internet connection, food 3 times in a day and will not be charged anything.

Social impact

Provide a positive social impact with information technology and education

Minimize the gap

We are on a mission to minimize the gap between school and universities graduations with Industry.

Our Value Proposition


ENIGMA CAMP has a complete IT Bootcamp model. We are not only placement the IT talent but provide custom solutions to meet the needs of IT resources in your company and doing people development in sustainable manner.


Uses the Ready-to-Work bootcamp model approach that are specifically designed to address immediate shortages of technology talent.


Supported by experienced trainers and co-trainers, expert in information technology & industry practitioners.


ENIGMA CAMP develop the curriculum using expertise of our technology expert and the design process will be vetted through the company’s network & external technology expert.


ENIGMA CAMP in collaboration with part- ner of universities and vocational schools as a source of prospective trainees.


The training process uses a complete meth- odology in order to maximize technical and soft skills.

Our Clients

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